REET Level 1 Syllabus 2022 PDF Download : यहाँ पर देखिये रीट लेवल 1 का सिलेबस
By On April 19th, 2022
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REET Examination Notification Has Be Released Read the Article on REET 2021 Syllabus in Hindi  Reet Level 1 Syllabus Reet Syllabus Level 1 Reet Level 1 Syllabus 2021 Pdf Download Reet Level 1 Maths Syllabus Reet Level 1 Syllabus Pdf Reet Level 1 Syllabus 2021 Pdf Download रीट फर्स्ट लेवल 2021 का सिलेबस  REET 2021 English Syllabus REET 2021 Hindi Syllabus  REET Child Development and Pedagogy Syllabus 2021  REET Environment Studies Syllabus  REET Mathematics Syllabus 2021  etc Information Given Below.

REET 1st Level Selection Procedure
Students Who Receive More Than 60% Marks Will Get a Certificate. the Certificate Will Be Used in Your Rajasthan Third Grade Teacher Recruitment.


REET Level 1 Exam Pattern

Name of the Section No. of Questions Asked Marks Allotted
Child Development and Pedagogy. 30 30
Language-I (English/Hindi/Gujarati/Punjabi/ Sindhi) 30 30
Language-II (English/Hindi/Gujarati/Sindhi/Punjabi) 30 30
Environment Studies. 30 30
Mathematics 30 30
  • Child Development : Concept of growth and development, Dimensions and Principles of Development. Factors affecting development (specially in the context of family and school) and their relationship with learning.
  • Role of Heredity and environment.
    Individual Differences :- Meaning, types and Factors affecting individual differences Understanding individual differences.
  • Personality :- Concept and types of personality, Factors responsible for shaping it. Its measurement.
  • Intelligence : Concept, Theories and its measurement. Multiple Intelligence. Its implication.
  • Understanding diverse learners: Backward, Mentally retarded, gifted, creative, disadvantaged- deprived, CWSN, children with learning disabilities
  • Learning Difficulties.
  • Adjustment : Concept and ways of adjustment. Role of teacher in the adjustment.
  • Meaning and Concept of learning. Factors Affecting learning
  • Theories of learning and their implication
  • How Children learn. Learning processes, Reflection, Imagination and Argument
  • Motivation and Implications for Learning
  • Teaching learning processes, Teaching learning strategies and methods in the context of National Curriculum Framework 2005.
  • Meaning and purposes of Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation. Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation. Construction of Achievement Test, Learning Outcomes. Action Research.
  • Right to Education Act 2009 (Role and Responsibilities of Teachers)
REET Environment Studies Syllabus 2021
REET Mathematics Syllabus 2021
REET Level 1 Child Development Pedagogy Syllabus PDF Download Now 
REET Level 1 Environmental Studies Syllabus PDF Download Now 
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REET Level 1 Language 2 Syllabus PDF Download Now 
REET Level 1 Mathematics Syllabus PDF Download Now 
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