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RBI Grade B Officer Salary 2022:जॉब लगने बाद सैलरी कितनी मिलती है जाने

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Those aspirants who are focusing to make their career in banking sector, have dreams to work with India’s banking and financial regulator RBI. RBI Grade B Officer is a one of the prestigious and most sought career in India in the field of government job. The reason behind this is the in hand salary, lucrative perks, better future prospects and respect in the family & in the society. Every year larger number of banking aspirants give their best to get the tag of Reserve Bank of India.


RBI Grade B Officer Salary Structure
Period RBI Grade B Basic Salary Increment
Basic Pay 35,150/-
Every year for first 9 years INR 35,150/- 1750/-
Every year For the next 2 years INR 50900/- 1750/-
Every year for Another 4 years INR 54400/- 2000/-
INR 62400/-
RBI Grade B Officer Allowances
  • House rent allowance : RBI Grade B Officer most likely gets 2/3 BHK upon confirmation. In some case, if someone has been not allocated a flat, RBI gives approx. Rs. 70000 for that in Mumbai and according to place of posting.
  • Allowance for OPD treatment (Non hospitalisation)- The RBI Grade B can claim bills of upto 4000 per month for OPD treatment.
  • Dearness Allowance-DA of 113% of the normal salary of each employee. DA is revised to 125% after the 7 central pay commissions.
  • City Compensatory Allowance(CCA)-Conveyance allowance is paid on the basis of the declaration by you. At the Mumbai center, the amount is additional 14000 in hand.
  • Medical Insurance- 100 percent coverage for the employee and 75 percent coverage for the dependent.
  • Furniture Allowance- 1.20 lakhs plus GST ( For electronic furniture it’s 60 thousand plus GST which is reinstated after 3 years and for non- electronic it’s 60 thousand plus GST which is reloaded after 5 years.)
  • Furniture maintenance allowance – 11 thousand If you taken at least 1/3rd of furniture allowance.
  • Leave Fare Concession Travel (LFC):One of the best perks of RBI is LFC Travel allowance. Once in two years for self, spouse and eligible dependents. Bank provides around Rs 107000 per person for this.
  • Petrol allowance- 150 Liters of petrol. (30 liters of extra petrol for all those living in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai or Bangalore)
  • Entertainment allowance – 3 thousand in every three month.
  • Loan Benefits-Officers can get credits and advances at a substantially less expensive rate for Housing, Vehicle, and Computers and so on and according to the bank’s policies.
  • Special Allowance:- 2500 for Grade B officer starts after confirmation (end of probation). RBI also provides Food/Grocery Sodexo Coupons to its employees ~ Rs. 2000/-
  • Briefcase Allowances: BA is drawn by Grade A and B level officers. The Annual reimbursement of Briefcase is approx Rs- 7000/-. They can reimburse the price of the briefcase every three years.
  • Education allowances:- Selected officers will receive education allowances for their family. The Annual reimbursements of education allowances are up to Rs. 4000/per month.
RBI Grade B Salary In Hand 
  • At present, initial monthly gross emoluments are ₹83254/- (approx) The House Allowance of 15% of Basic Pay will be paid, if accommodation is not provided by the Bank
RBI Grade B Officer Salary Slip
RBI Grade B Annual Package
  • The minimum cost to company (CTC) 12 lakhs and maximum CTC is 16.5 lakhs. The variation totally depends on the place of posting
RBI Grade B Officer Profile & Promotion
The Aspirants Who Crack This Prestigious Exam Joined RBI as Grade B Officer. Initial Two Years of Joining They Go Under the Training and Learn the Functioning of Various Department of RBI.

  • During the training RBI Grade B officer get different types of activities to be familiar with banking and banking culture. They also give training in various department like financial inclusion development department, foreign exchange department, monetary policy department etc.
  • After completion of two year training officer join as an assistant manager.
  • Officers are responsible for certain management task like as verification of documents, management of cash, new developments in the banking sector etc.
RBI Grade B Salary 2022 Joining, Training & Career Path
Along with handsome salary and allowances, there are immense opportunities to grow. Initial appointment will be on probation for a period of two years. At Bank’s discretion, the probationary period may be extended up to a maximum period of four years. The promotion in RBI is fast as compared to others government job. Selected candidates are liable to be posted and transferred anywhere in India.

  • A grade B officer may get promotion as Grade C in 7 years -Assistant General Manager
  • Grade C -Assistant General Manager may get promoted as Grade D in 5 Years -Deputy General Manager
  • Grade D -Deputy General Manager may get promoted as Grade E in 4 years as General Manager
  • Grade E -General Manager may get promotes as Grade F in 4 years as Chief General Manager
  • After Grade F promotion will be slow as ED ,Dy Governor as vacancies are too few
  • Promotions will not come automatically .There is selective promotions are based on Performance Appraisal /interview etc .
  • In the present circumstance Grade B direct may reach maximum CGM level .A few lucky may get ED post .
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RBI Grade B Salary FAQs

Question- What is the starting basic salary of RBI Grade B?

Answer- The starting basic salary of RBI Grade B is 35150/-

Question- What is the status of leave in RBI Grade B JOB?

Answer- The leave is according to government and banks norms as like other government job.

Question- What is the in hand salary of RBI Grade B?

Answer- The in hand salary of RBI Grade B is around 80k-85k based on place of posting.

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