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Salary of Prime Minister of India 2023

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The Post of President Is Considered the Highest and Leading Position in India. but If We Talk About the Government, Then the Post of Prime Minister Is Considered the Most Prominent in the Government. in the Constitution of India, a Person Serving as the Prime Minister Has All the Real Powers of the Country. but the President Is Just a Doubt. the Prime Minister Is for a Fixed Time. the Person Working on the Post of Prime Minister Is Not Permanent. Re-Elections Are Held After a Fixed Time Period. Those Are Called Lok Sabha Elections and Under Lok Sabha Elections, Different Parties Contest the Election Which Party Has More Majority. a Prime Minister Is Selected by That Party. This Is How the Prime Minister Gets Salary, Pm Salary India, Prime Minister Salary in India, What Is the Salary of the Pm of India, Narendra Modi Salary, Salary of Prime Minister of India 2020

Indian Prime Minister Job Profile 

  • The Prime Minister has all the real powers of the country and if it is said, it is the Prime Minister who runs the country. The President can make ministers of only those people. Whose names are recommended by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister’s post is chosen according to the election of the MP.
  • Parliament elections in the country are held every five years after the Lok Sabha elections. It is done during that time and every district has an MP. The party with the most MPs is elected. A key person of that party sits on the post of Prime Minister.
  • To become the Prime Minister of India, the age of a person must be minimum 35 years. Also, it is necessary for that person to be a citizen of India and to have membership of the Lok Sabha.
  • The person who wants to become the Prime Minister of India. There should be no lawsuit against that person and that person should not be declared bankrupt by the government.
  • All development works in the country which come under the Central Government. The Prime Minister performs all those tasks. Apart from this, the new rules of the country are also made by the Prime Minister. However in the end it is necessary for the President to pass that bill.
  • The Prime Minister may advise the President to resign or dismiss any Minister.
  • What the Prime Minister controls and directs the activities of all ministers.
  • The Prime Minister, who has one of the main duties, is required to submit a report to the President before passing all the laws and various types of new bills to be run in the country.
  • The Prime Minister is the Chief Spokesperson and head of the Central Government.
  • The Prime Minister also plays the main role of strengthening foreign friends of the country and adopting foreign policy.
  • Whenever a party becomes Prime Minister and that person will be the Prime Minister of the country for the next 5 years after taking oath as Prime Minister.
  • The present Prime Minister of India is the Honorable Shri Narendra Damodar Das Modi.

Salary of Prime Minister of India (Narendra Modi Salary)

Prime Minister of India who is the head of the Central Government. But the office of the Prime Minister of India is smaller than that of the President. The post of President and Vice President comes first and second. As the third ruler in the country, the Prime Minister is considered as the largest post. The Prime Minister’s basic salary is Rs 50,000, constituency allowance Rs 45,000, daily allowance Rs 2000. The expenditure allowance is 3000 rupees, that is, the total salary of Narendra Modi is 1.65 lakh rupees per month. In this way, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gets 19.2 lakh rupees annually. In this, foreign travel and food of the Prime Minister are also paid from government expenditure to the person working on the post of Prime Minister, with salary of ₹ 200000 per month as well as high security and accommodation. Apart from this, many types of facilities are available to the Prime Minister.

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