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UPSC NDA Salary 2024 Per Month, Pay Scale, Job Profile, Allowances

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NDA is the one of the prestigious examination in the field of defense sector. Those aspirants who are preparing for the defense, NDA examination is the dream exam. Every years thousands of aspirants give their best to get tag of NDA. When it comes to a job the first thing that often comes in the mind of the candidates is the UPSC NDA Salary & Pay Structure.
Stipend provided during training for NDA officers
  • During the training periods a NDA officers get a fixed amount Rs 56,100/ per month (Starting pay in Level 10)
  • The salary of NDA candidates in the Pay matrix of the officer commissioned will be fixed in the first Cell of Level 10 after effective completion of the NDA Training. Candidates should be aware that the NDA training cycle is not considered commissioned service, and cadets are paid arrears on account of admissible allowances (as applicable) for the training period.
Allowances and Perks for NDA Officers
  • Special Forces Allowance- Rs 25,000/- Per Month
  • Dearness Allowance- Admissible at the same rates and under the same conditions as civilian workers on a time to time basis.
  • Para Allowance- Rs 10,500/- Per Month
  • Para Jump Instructor Allowance – Rs 10,500/- Per Month
  • Para Reserve Allowance- Rs 2,625/- Per Month
  • Project Allowance- Rs 3,400/- Per Month
  • Technical Allowance (Tier-II)- Rs 4,500/- Per Month
  • Technical Allowance (Tier-I)- Rs 3,000/- Per Month
Field Area Allowances for NDA Officers
  • Modified Field Area Allowance Mod FD Area- Rs 6,300/- pm
  • Highly Active Field Area Allowance – HAFA- Rs 16,900/- pm
  • Field Area Allowance – FD Area- Rs 10,500/- pm
  • Siachen Allowance ( Posted at Siachen)- Rs 42,500/- pm
High Altitude Allowances for NDA Officers
  • Level 1- Rs 3,400/- Per Month
  • Level 2- Rs 5,300/- Per Month
  • Level 3- Rs 25,000/- Per Month
Transport Allowance (TPTA) for NDA Officers
  • Higher TPTA Cities- Rs. 7200/ Rs + DA thereon (Per month)
  • Other Places – Rs. 3600/Rs + DA thereon (Per month)

Important Information

    • The TPTA payment is available to NDA service members who have been given access to government transportation.
    • Patna, Lucknow, Kolkata, Delhi, Kanpur, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Surat, Kochi, Bengaluru, Kozhikode, Indore, Nagpur, Pune, Greater Mumbai, Jaipur, Coimbatore, Ghaziabad, and Chennai are among the higher TPTA Cities (UA).
    • Officers in the NDA in Pay Level 14 and above who are qualified to use an official car have the choice of using the official car or drawing the TPTA of Rs 15,750 + Dearness Allowance.
    • The allowance is payable for calendar months that are entirely covered by leave.
    • Physically disabled service members will continue to receive double pay, up to a limit of Rs 2,250 plus Dearness Allowances.

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Flying Allowances fro NDA Officers
  • Pilots or Army Aviators serving in the Army Aviation Corps are entitled to a monthly flying allowance of Rs 25,000 (R1H1 of the Risk and Hardship Matrix).
Other Allowances for NDA Officers
  • Ration in Kind – Every month in the Field Area and the Peace Area to all Defense officers.
  • Children Education Allowance- 2250 rupees a month per child for the two oldest children who are still alive. From Nursery to 12th grade, this allowance is open.
  • Hostel Subsidy- Rs. 6,750/- a month per child for the two oldest children who are still alive (admissible from Nursery to class 12th).
Rank-Wise NDA Officers Salary Structure
  • Stipend during the training of the candidates in IMA- INR 56,100/
  • Lieutenant- INR 56,100/- to INR 1,77, 500/-
  • Captain- INR 61,300/- to 01,93,900/-
  • Major- INR 69,400/- to 02,07,200/-
  • Lieutenant Colonel- INR 01,21,200/- to 02,12,400/-
  • Colonel- INR 01,30,600/- to 02,15,900/-
  • Brigadier- INR 01,39,600/- to 02,17,600/-
  • Major General- INR 01,44,200/- to 02,18,200/-
  • Lt. General HAG Scale- INR 01,82,200/- to 02,24,100/-
  • HAG+ Scale- INR 02,05,400/- To  02,24,400/-
  • VCOAS/ Army Cdr/ Lt Gen (NFSG)- INR 02,25,000/- Fixed
  • COAS- INR 02,50,000/- Fixed
Retirement Benefits for NDA Officer
  • Pensions, gratuities, and casualty pensions would be paid according to the regulations in effect at the time to the candidates who are selected for the post of NDA.
NDA Officers Promotion & Career Growth
Army Navy Air Force Minimum Reckonable Commissioned Service required for Substantive Promotion
Lieutenant Sub Lieutenant Flying Officer On Commission
Captain Lieutenant Flight Lieutenant 02 Years
Major Lt. Commander Squadron Leader 06 years
Lieutenant Colonel Commander Wing Commander 13 years
Colonel(Selection) Captain (Selection) Group Captain (Selection) On Selection
Colonel (Time Scale) Captain (Time Scale) Group Captain (Time Scale) 26 years
Brigadier Commodore Air Commodore On Selection
Major General Rear Admiral Air Vice-Marshal On Selection
Lieutenant General Vice Admiral Air Marshal On Selection
General Admiral Air Chief Marshal On Selection
Monetary Benefits in Case of Mishap for NDA Officers

Compensation in case of Death

  • Ex- gratia amount of INR 12.50 Lacs will be paid to the NoK.
  • Ex- gratia amount of INR 9,000/- Per month will be paid to the NoK.
  • The Ex-gratia awards to Cadets (Direct)/NoK, will be sanctioned purely on ex-gratia basis and the same should not be treated as pension for any purpose.

Compensation for Disability

  • Monthly Ex-gratia amount of Rs 9,000 per month.
  • Ex-gratia disability award of Rs 16,200 per month is paid in case of 100% disability.
  • No disability award shall be payable in cases where the degree of disablement is less than 20%.
  • Constant Attendant Allowance – CCA of Rs 6, 750/ per month for 100% disabled on the recommendation of Invaliding Medical Board (IBM).
Insurance Policies for NDA Officers
  • A compulsory contributory group scheme, Army Group Insurance Fund provides an insurance cover for 15 Lakh rupees on payment of one time non-refundable premium of Rs 6,400 for 3 years. This has to be paid from the date of joining NDA until completion of training.
  • For those who are invalided out from NDA by IMB on account of disability and not entitled to any pension will be provided Rs 7.5 lakhs for 100 per cent disability. This will be reduced to Rs 1.5 lakhs for 20 % disability.
  • At IMA, at the time of stipend, the Gentlemen cadets are provided insurance cover of Rs 75 lakh with a monthly contribution of Rs 5,000 (with effect from October 1, 2016, as per maint AGI scheme as the application to regular officers).
  • In the case of relegation, an additional premium of Rs 1,160 per relegated term will be paid immediately on occurrence.
  • Those who are invalidated out from IMA by IMB on account of disability and not entitled to any pension will be provided Rs 25 Lakhs for 100 % disability. This will be reduced to Rs 5 lakhs for 20 % disability.


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