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DU SOL Admission – Why Should I Opt for DU SOL?

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DU SOL Admission:-  Let not your dreams of getting admission in Delhi University get shattered. If you could not crack through the University, you can have a second chance by getting registered for the Delhi University School of Open Learning. It is a great opportunity also for the candidates who are working professionals and wish to pursue higher education. The best thing about the system is that it offers you a combined facility of distance learning as well as regular classes.


The School of Open Learning got established under Delhi University in the year 1962.  Since then, it has turned out to be one of the largest institutes of learning in the country. Each year, as many as 2 lakh students get registered with DU SOL for a better academic career in life. 


The school offers undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses in different fields. There is no such mandate of attendance and others unlike the regular learning of DU. The school has been developed for candidates who wish to pursue their education in the correspondence without disturbing their other schedules. 


There are several other reasons too why getting admission in DU SOL can be a great alternative for several candidates. 

Why Take Admission in DU SOL?

There is a list of benefits that you can attain while you are getting admission in DU SOL. Here are some of them that you can go through.

  • Name Matters:-

There are several distance learning institutes available today in the country. Not every one of them can add value to your resume the way a renowned institute can. Established way back in the year 1962, DU SOL is a pioneer now in the educational institutes of the country. There is better than getting admission in renowned options such as Delhi University, of course. But if somehow you have not got the chance or if you are working professional, the presence of DU SOL certificate on your resume also makes a huge difference in your career and profile. 

  • Balance in Life:-

There are so many working professionals who realize later on that they should pursue some higher education to boost up their career. Now again getting a gap in the career for studies can hamper the salary package of the person. In such a situation, distance learning becomes the best solution. Getting your degree from a reputed place such as DU SOL can be a great option. 

Also, if you are not working and you have got admission in DU SOL, this is an advantage for you. You can enroll yourself in other professional courses also that will be helpful for your career ahead. So, when you have time in hand, you can have a perfect balance in life. 

  • Ease of Admission:-

If you have a lower percentage in Class 12th, there is a high chance that you will have to go from one college to another to seek admission. Every college look for students with a higher percentage in Class 12. But somehow if you have got a lower percentage in Class 12th, it does not mean that you will leave your aspiration of studying ahead. DU SOL offers you the ease of admission even when you do not have a good percentage. 

All you need to have is a pass certificate. There is no such entrance test that you need to pass while entering the school. You can simply visit the official portal of DU SOL and follow the registration steps and can get admission in the required courses. If you have submitted all the necessary documents correctly, your admission is done right away. 

  • No Worries about Attendance:-

In any other institutes such as Delhi University colleges, students have to attain an attendance of 75% in order to appear for the exam. You do not have to worry about such a thing while you are studying at DU SOL. Though there are classes that run on the weekends, these are not mandatory for the candidates. You can still attend your exams even if you do not attend the classes. You may have to submit assignments and projects before the exam based on which your marks will get calculated. 

  • Doubt Clearing is Easy:-

Distance learning is all about self-studying but DU SOL has the option of regular classes on the weekends. There are different study centres where students can attend these classes. There are also sometimes such as classes on holidays so that working professionals who do not have offs on weekends can attend such classes. Here students can clear their doubts from the faculties. Apart from the doubts in the studies, the students can also clear any other doubts too such as that of an exam or any administration-related issue. The support team is available at the centres to guide the students through the rough patches. 

  • Getting Self-Dependent:-

A lot of candidates today are choosing the path of freelancing in their career. For such candidates, studying in a correspondence course such as offered by DU SOL is a great idea. As there are no regular classes to spoon-feed you or no one to offer you a push from time to time, you have to do everything on your own. You have to set your own schedule for your studies and have to prepare your own notes for the exam. Of course, there are faculties to help you with doubts at the centres, but overall, you have to do everything all alone. This helps in getting self-dependent. This helps you also in confidently starting your freelancing career. 

Thus, studying at DU SOL can offer you a host of benefits and options. Though it is mainly for the candidates who could not crack through regular colleges or for working professionals, at times there are also other candidates who deliberately get admission in DU SOL for the benefits that it offers. Due to its benefits, the number of candidates getting enrolled has increased over time. No doubt, the mode of learning is changing in India based on the requirements of the candidates.


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