UPSC Geo-Scientist Topic-Wise Reference Books
By On September 22nd, 2021
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UPSC Combined Geo-Scientist Books for Hydrology, UPSC Combined Geo-Scientist books for Geography, UPSC Combined Geo-Scientist Books for Chemistry, UPSC Combined Geo-Scientist books for Geology
UPSC Combined Geo-Scientist Books for Hydrology 
  • Inland Fisheries: Ecology and Management by R. L. Welcomee
  • Underground Hydrology by David Keith Toad
  • Text Book of Physical Geology by Mahapatra
  • Text Book of Geology by P.K. Mukherjee
  • Soil Mineralogy by I. E. Grim
  • Marine Geology: A scenario around Indian Coasts by TK Mallik
  • Ocean by Square drop, Johnson and Bliming
UPSC Combined Geo-Scientist books for Geography
  • The Evolution and Classification of Soils-Ramanan by E. & Whittles, C.L. (Tr.)
  • NCERT Books (Geography)-From Class 6-10
  • Delta Sedimentation: East Coast of India by Singh, I.B. & Swamy, A.S.R.
  • Igneous Rocks and Metamorphic Petrology by Turner
  • Mineral and Crystal Science by V.C. Jesh
  • Sedimentary Rocks by Petti John
  • Physical Geography by  Ravindra Singh
  • Geography Guide by Narmadeshwar Prasad
UPSC Combined Geo-Scientist Books for Chemistry
  • Bonding and shape of organic molecules, Stereochemistry of carbon compound – Reactions and reagents by  O.P. Agarwal
  • A guide to mechanism in organic chemistry by Peter Sykes
  • Rest all the chapters – A textbook of organic chemistry by Bahl & Bahl
  • Chemistry books, NCERT, Class 8-12
  • Atomic Structure – Principle of physical chemistry by Puri, Sharma & Pathwa
  • Advance Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Lee
  • Chemical Periodicity, Chemical bonding,Coordination compound by Maden, Malik, Tuli
  • Theoretical principles of inorganic chemistry by G.S. Manku
UPSC Combined Geo-Scientist books for Geology
  • Metallogenesis of Manganese Ores of Srikakulam Visakhapatnam Belt by F.N. Siddiquie
  • Early Man in Eastern Himalayas: North-East India and Nepal by A. K. Sharma
  • Geological Maps by D.K. Awasthi
  • Encyclopaedia of Geology by Yadgiri, Vaishali
  • Geology and Evolution of the Indian Plate (from Hadean to Holocene by 4Ga to 4 Ka)- S.M. Naqvi
  • Encyclopaedia of Paleontology by Sharma, Vivek
  • Geologic Settings and Petroleum Systems of India’s East Coast Offshore Basins: Concepts and Applications by Ravi, Bastia
  • History and Culture of the Himalaya, 3 Vol by K. S. Gulia
  • Simple Geological Structure by  Plate and Charlinc
  • A Dictionary of Geology by Morrison
  • Geomorphology by Woolridge or Thornbury
  • Ananda K. Coomaraswamy Writings on Geology and Mineralogy: Scientific Papers and Comments by  Ranganathan, A. & Rao, K. Srinivasa (Eds.)
  • Geology: An Introduction by  Kronaris and Krambine
  • Petrography by  Williams
  • The Ice Age in the Indian Subcontinent and Associated Human Culture by Terra, H. De. & Paterson, T.T.
  • Concise Glossary of Geology by Mathur
  • Mine Closure by Naresh Chandra Saxena
  • Geology and Evolution of the Indian Plate by Naqvi
  • Amanda K. Coomaraswamy Writings on Geology and Mineralogy: Scientific papers and comments by  Ranganathan, A. & Rao, K. Srinivasa
  • Dimensions of Himalayan Geology by A.K. Biyani
  • Remote Sensing in Geomorphology by S.M. Ramasamy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for UPSC Combined Geo-Scientist Books 2021

Question- What is the examination fee for the exam?

Answer- The examination fee is Rs 200

Question- How many question papers are there in this exam?

Answer- There are two papers in the Preliminary phase exam and three papers in the Main exam.

Question-What is the nature of questions?

Answer- Questions in the Preliminary phase exam will be of objective type and questions in the Main phase exam will be of descriptive type

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