AM Full form , What does AM stand for
By On June 12th, 2020
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The full form of AM is Anti Meridiem, You Use This Word Every Day While Looking at Time, It Is a Latin Word Used in the 12-Hour Clock System to Look Up to Noon Time,
AM is used 12 hours a night. The 24 Hours of the Day Are Divided into Two Time Zones That Last for 12 Hours Each. the First 12-Hour Period Goes from Midnight to Noon (12 Pm to 12 Pm) and It Is Done in the Morning. the Name Is Given.

The Second 12-Hour Period Runs from Noon to Midnight (12 O’clock to 12 O’clock) and Is Designated in the Evening. Thus, the Numbers 1 to 12 and 12 O’clock in the Afternoon. This Is What We Call Am.

It Shows the Time from Midnight to Noon (12:00 Pm to 11:59 Pm). for Example: If You Say That You Have to Go to College at 10 O’clock, It Means 10 O’clock in the Morning. That Is, You Have to Go to College at 10.00 Am.इस आलेख को हिंदी में पढ़े :- AM Full Form In Hindi

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