SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 13th April 2021 3rd Shift
By On April 13th, 2021
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SSC CHSL Exam Analysis of 12th April 2021 1st, 2nd and 3rd Shift Exam Successful Done. Now we are doing exam analysis of 13th April, 3rd shift. We Are Sharing Memory Based Questions Asked in 3rd Shifts and Exam Review of Students Have Been Provided Here That Will Help the Candidates Who Are Yet to Appear for the Exam SSC 10+2 Exam Analysis in coming days , SSC CHSL Today Paper Analysis (13 April 2021) | , SSC CHSL Asked Questions 2021 and Expected Cut Off , SSC CHSL Maths, GK, GS, GA, Reasoning, Maths, English Complete Exam Analysis 2021 | SSC CHSL Exam 13th April, 3rd Shift Question and Answer Key ,CHSL Question Paper Analysis (All Subjects)


SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 13 April 2021 3rd Shift Overall Good Attempts

SSC CHSL Subject  Good Attempt Difficulty Level
English Language 19-24 Easy to slightly Moderate
Quantitative Aptitude 20-23 Moderate to slightly difficult
General Intelligence & Reasoning 19-22 Easy to Moderate
General Awareness 16-20 Moderate to slightly difficult
Overall 80-84 Easy to Moderate

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 3rd Shift 13th April 2021 English Comprehension


S.No. Topics No. Of Questions Level
1 Fill in the Blanks 3-4 Easy
3 Error Detection 2-3 Easy
4 Sentence Rearrangement 3 Easy-moderate
5 Idioms and Phrases 2 Easy
6 Synonyms 2 Easy to Moderate
7 Antonyms 2 Easy
8 Active Passive 1-2 Easy
9 Direct Indirect 1-2 Moderate
11 Spelling Correction 2 Moderate
12 Cloze Test/ Passage 5-6 Easy-moderate
Total 25 Moderate

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2021 Quantitative Aptitude (13th April 2021 3rd Shift ) 


S.No. Topics No. of Questions Level
1 Percentage 1 Easy
2 Average 1 Easy-Moderate
3 Number System 2-3 Easy
4 Simplification 1 Easy
5 Time & Work 1 Easy-Moderate
6 Time Speed & Distance [Train] 1 Easy-Moderate
7 S.I. & C.I. 2-3 Easy-Moderate
8 Profit & Loss 2-3 Easy
9 Algebra 2-3 Easy-Moderate
10 Geometry 2-3 Easy
11 Mensuration 2-3 Easy-Moderate
12 DI [Tabular] 3 Easy
13 DI [Bar Graph] 2 Easy
Total Questions 25 Easy-Moderate

Memory Based question

  • If ?? + ?? + ?? − ???? = ??? and ?? + ?? + ?? = ?, then find the value of ab + bc + ca
  • Two sides of a right-angled triangle are 15√? cm and 20√? cm. Find the perimeter of
    right-angled triangle
  • There are white and black balls in a bag in the ratio of 4:7. If the number of black
    balls is 280, then find the number of white balls
  • If (????? ? + ??? ?)/(????? ?−??? ?)= ?, then find the value of ??????+?/??????−1
  • Find the smallest 6-digit number that is divisible by 71
  • A ∆PQR is inscribed in a circle with center O such that ∠Q = 70°, ∠R = ??° and PT is
    perpendicular to QR. After moving forward, PO meets QR at U, then find ∠TPU
  • If 3u + 2v = 7 and uv = 2, then find the value of 3u – 2v
  • 2?? − ?? + ? = ?, then find the value of ?? +?/??
  • An article has a successive discount of 25% and 30%. If selling price of article is Rs
    372, then find the discount (in Rs) on article
  • Find the simple interest on sum of Rs 99000 at the rate of ??/? % per annum for 9 months
  • Find distance covered by a person, if he covers half distance at a speed of 24 km/h
    and remaining half distance at a speed of 32 km/h in total 7 hours
  • The perimeter of rhombus is 148 cm and one of its diagonals is 24 cm. Find the area
    of rhombus
  • A girl spent 35%, 20% on rent and food respectively, and saves Rs 5250. Then, find
    her income
  • A triangle ABC in which DE parallel to BC and a point F lies between A and D such
    that FE parallel to DC. If DB = 10 cm and FD = 5 cm, then find AF
  • There is a profit equal to selling price of 12 articles on selling 92 articles. Find the
    profit percentage
  • If a + b + c = 5 and ?? + ?? + ?? − ???? = ???, then (ab + bc + ca) lies between
  • If cot ? = √? − ?, then find the value of cosecθ.secθ
  • A does some work in 6 days and B does same work in 8 days. Both worked together for
    3 days and left the work. The remaining work was done in 2 days by C. In how many
    days B and C together can complete ?/?th of that work, working together

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis (13th April 2021 3rd Shift ) : General Awareness


S.No. Topics No. Of Questions asked Level Of Exam
1 History 3 Easy-Moderate
2 Polity 2-3 Easy
3 Geography 3 Easy-Moderate
4 Economics 1 Easy-Moderate
5 Static Awareness 5 Easy-Moderate
6 Science-Technology 1-2 Moderate
7 Current Affairs 9-10 Moderate
Total Questions 25 Easy to Moderate

SSC CHSL 3rd Shift 13th April 2021 General Awareness :- Memory Based Questions 

  • Name of the planet which has most number of satellite
  • Name of the person who won Ramanujan Award 2020- Carolina Araujo
  • Full form of AMR in medical field- Antimicrobial resistance
  • The name of sugar which is found in milk-lactose
  • SI unit of luminous intensity- Candela
  • Question related to Bhakti movement
  • Author of ‘Hit Refresh Book’- Satya Nadela
  • The name of the author book titled as “India’s 71-year test: The journey to triumph in Australia”- R. Kaushik
  • Headquarter of Bhabha atomic research centre (BARC)- Mumbai
  • Question related to ELISA
  • The name of scientist who discovered cell-
  • The location of Sardar Sarvor dam- Kevadiya Gujrat
  • Poland President Name- Andrzej Duda
  • Who is known as the shakespeare of India- Kalidas
  • Name of the education minister of india- Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank
  • Capital of one of the north-east state
  • One question is based on global climate index( Probably India’s rank or who published this index)
  • Onion scientific name-  Allium cepa
  • Name of the chairman of union public service commission( UPSC) – Pradeep Kumar Joshi
  • Winner of the Dhaka Marathon- Bahadur Singh
  • Which law is known as the law of inertia- Newotn’s First law
  • Name of the famous king of Kushan dynasty- Kanishka

SSC 10+2 Exam Analysis 2021 Analysis Reasoning ( 13th April 2021 3rd Shift ) 


S.No. Topics No. Of Questions Level
1 Analogy 4-6 Easy
2 Odd One Out 3 Easy 
3 Series 2-3 Easy 
4 Statement & Conclusions 1 Easy-Moderate
5 Directions no question
6 Sequence 3 Easy
7 Coding-Decoding 2-3 Easy
8 Mathematical Operations 1 Easy
9 Dice
10 Blood Relation 1 Easy 
11 Figure counting & mirror image 2 Easy 
12 Venn Diagram & Syllogism 3 Easy 
13 Paper Folding Image 1 Easy
14 Syllogism 1 Easy
15 Miscellaneous Ques 3-4 Easy
Total 25 Easy


SSC CHSL 2021 Exam Analysis FAQs


Question- Total number of questions are asked in SSC CHSL Tier 1 exam

Ans- A total of 100 questions are asked in the SSC CHSL Tier 1 exam.

Question- Total duration of time of SSC CHSL Tier-1 exam.

Ans- Total timing of this exam is one hour.

Question- How many subjest are their in SSC CHSL Tier-1 exam?

Ans- There are three subject in SSC CHSL Tier-1 exam which included English language, General awareness, General intelligence and quantitative aptitude( Basic arithmetic).

Question- What topics aspirants should cover to get good marks in general awareness?

Ans- Aspirants should have the knowledge of general science, general polity, general economy, general geography and most important last six months current affairs.

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