Sarpanch Salary in Rajasthan 2020

Sarpanch Salary in Rajasthan 2020

Sarpanch Salary in Rajasthan 2020: – the Sarpanch Is the Head of the Village. the Sarpanch Is Called the Leader of the Village. Many Types of Development Work in the Village Are Done by the Sarpanch. Many Types of Decisions in Village Matters Are Taken by the Sarpanch. the Sarpanch Plays Every Function Associated with the Gram Panchayat. the Highest Position in Gram Panchayat Is That of Sarpanch and the Highest Role of Gram Panchayat Is Played by Sarpanch Itself. the Sarpanch Has All Kinds of Power and Responsibilities Related to the Village. Sarpanch Is Elected as a Servant for the Welfare of the Village and for Doing Public Work.

the Tenure of the Sarpanch Is 5 Years. the Sarpanch Is Not a Permanent Government Employee. the Sarpanch Is Re-Elected Every 5 Years and a New Sarpanch Is Elected. the Sarpanch as the Village Head Is the Shortest Position in a Democracy. However, There Are Sub-Sarpanch and Ward Panch Below This Also. Today, We Will Talk About the Work of Sarpanch and How Much Salary the Sarpanch Gets Through This Article.

Sarpanch Job Profile:-

1.) There Are About 29000 Gram Panchayats in Our Country. 70% of the Country’s Population Lives in Villages. Lakhs of Rupees Are Provided in the Gram Panchayat by the Central and State Government for the Development and Maintenance of the Village. This Amount Comes to the Sarpanch and the Sarpanch Gets Many Kinds of Work Done in the Village from the Amount Given by the Center and the State Government.
2.) as the Head of the Village, the Sarpanch Conducts Various Types of Construction Work Related to the Gram Panchayat with the Gram Panchayat Fund. Sarpanch Gets the Village Clean Water, Pension Pucca Building Construction Irrigation Facilities Etc. Done in the Village.
3.) Apart from This, the Sarpanch Also Has a Main Role in the Scheme Run by the Central and State Government.
4.) Signature Is Also Required by the Sarpanch in Making Many Types of Documents of the Residents of the Village. the Sarpanch Honors the Document by Signing Those Documents. the Sarpanch Can Write a Document on His Letter Pad as Address Proof. Apart from This, the Original Residence Certificate, Caste Certificate, Income Certificate, Etc. Are Signed by the Sarpanch.
5.) the Role of the Sarpanch Is to Give Its Role in Road Construction. Supervising the Anganwadi Works Also Plays Its Important Role in the Field of Education.
6.) the Role of the Sarpanch Is Important in the Development Work of the Village and Being the Head of the Village, All Kinds of Tasks Related to the Development Work of the Village Are Performed by the Sarpanch.
7.) Mutations Are Filled by the Sarpanch When the Villagers Sell the Land.

Sarpuch Salary :- Sarpanch Is the Head of the Village. but the Salary of Sarpanch Is Very Less. the Sarpanch’s Salary Has Been Decided by the Government. the Sarpanch Has the Main Role in Carrying Out the Development Works of the Village. After the Seventh Pay Commission, the Salary of the Sarpanch Has Been Fixed from 2500 to ₹ 3000 Per Month by the Government. This Salary Is Very Less If Seen

इस आलेख को हिंदी पढ़े :- सरपंच की सैलरी कितनी होती है

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