Salary of President of India | What is the Indian President’s salary
By On March 14th, 2021
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 राजस्थान प्रतियोगिता परीक्षा की तैयारी करने के लिए अभी डाउनलोड करो Study Pillar ऐप

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The President of India Has the Largest Post. the President Performs Many Functions of the Country. However, the Prime Minister Has More Powers Than the President. but Still the Office of the President Is Considered Big and the Salary of the President Is More Than the Prime Minister. a Person Working in the Office of the President Is Not Permanent. the President Has a Fixed Term. He Can Go to the President of the Country for That Term Only. After That There Are Elections for the Post of President Again. According to the Constitution, the President of the Executive Is Considered as the President and All the Executive Powers Are in the Hands of the President.
Profile and Work of the President: –
1. Anyone Can Stand as a Candidate to Become President. but There Are Some Conditions for That, Such As: – That Person Must Be a Citizen of India.
2. the Age of the Person Standing for the Office of the President Must Be 35 Years. Also It Is Necessary to Have Membership of Rajya Sabha.
3. Apart from This, the Person Who Stands as the Candidate for the Presidential Post Has Not Been Declared Insolvent by the Government.
5. the Term of the President Is 5 Years. the President Is Re-Elected After Every 5 Years.
6. the President Adopts the Amendments to the Constitution in India and the New Legislation Introduced by the Legislative Assembly or Lok Sabha and Passes It in the Country.
7. Military Power Is Also Controlled by the President in Many Types of Emergency Situations.
8. the President Is Formally Celebrated as the Head of the Executive and All Executive Functions Are Performed by the President in the Name of the President.
9. Many Times There Is No Prime Minister Who Is Ruled by the President. Due to Lack of Majority in Many States, No Government of Any Party Can Be Formed, in Which Case President’s Rule Is Imposed.
10. the Union Territory Is Mainly Run by the President.
11. the President Is Provided Government Buildings and High Security by the Government. the President Is the Head of the Country.
12. Rashtrapati Bhavan Remains for the President to Sit by the Government. Where the President, Who Is Appointed During a Fixed Term, Has to Take Over the Place.
13. the President of the Country Administered the Oath to the Governor. Also, the Judge of the High Court and the Magistrate Are Administered Oath by the President.
14. a Person Working in the Presidency Also Has to Handle a Variety of Tasks. the President Is Elected by the Mp. Elections Are Held to Elect a New President After a Fixed Term in Parliament.
15. the Present President of India Is the Honorable Ramnath Kovind.

Salary of the President of India: – the Post of President Is Considered to Be the Highest Position in the Country of India. That Is Why the Salary of the President of India Is the Highest. However, the Person Working on the Presidency Is Not Permanent. but Even Then the Person Serving as President Gets More Salary from All the Government Employees of the Country for a Fixed Tenure Period. Issued After the Seventh Pay Commission, the Salary of the President of India Under the Salary Pay Scale Is ₹ 500000 / Months.
List of Current Salary and Allowances of the President: –
1.) They Get a Salary of 5 Lakh Rupees Every Month. There Is No Tax on This Amount.
2.) They Get Free Medical Facilities and Accommodation.
4.) President’s Spouse Also Gets 30,000 Rupees Every Month in the Form of Secretarial Assistance.
After President’s Retirement: –
1.) They Get a Pension of 1.5 Lakh Rupees Every Month.
2.) Spouses of Presidents Get 30,000 Rupees Every Month as Secretarial Assistance.
3.) a Furnished Rent Free Bungalow
4.) Two Free Landlines and a Mobile Phone
5.) Rs 60,000 Every Year for Staff Expenses
6.) Travel by Train or Plane Free. You Can Also Take a Man Along.

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