Kusum Yojana Scheme 2020
By On August 19th, 2020
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Indian agriculture is an agricultural country. Here agriculture is very important as a business and the growth in agriculture is linked to the growth of our country. Keeping this in mind, the Rajasthan Kusum scheme has been started by the Government of Rajasthan. . The main objective of this scheme is to provide solar powered solar pumps to the farmers for irrigation. Through this scheme, the Central Government will convert 3 crore petrol and diesel-rich irrigation pumps into solar power pumps by the state government. Till now the farmer used to do agriculture work with the help of diesel and petrol for irrigation. Through this, the farmer will get a lot of profit. During irrigation with petrol and diesel, the farmer had to bear the financial loss. Through this scheme, petrol and diesel will be run by diesel powered solar energy. The special thing is that in the first phase of the scheme, 1.75 lakh pumps of the country have been connected to the solar panel. Kusum Yojana Scheme 2020

Key Points related to Kusum Yojana Scheme:- 

1.) Through this scheme, the state government has set a target to convert 17.5 lakh diesel pumps as well as 3 crores of agricultural utility pumps into solar pumps in the coming 10 years.

2.) The scheme of the farmers of Rajasthan can prove to be quite beneficial as this scheme will save the money of the farmers. To encourage solar pumps or products in the accounts, the state government has given Rs. Has been allocated to.

3.) Under this scheme, 2020-21, a target has been set to install solar pumps to 20 lakh farmer brothers of the state.

4.) Through this scheme, the pumps used for irrigation will be displaced in solar powered pumps, doing so will save the farmers financially.

5.) The Kusum scheme proves to be extremely welfare for drought affected areas. Because of the possibility of crop loss in such area, irrigation by solar pump can prevent crop loss.

6.) The goal of Kusum plan from 2020 to 2022 is to set up 3 crore solar power plants. The total cost of which is 1.4 lakh rupees. The Union Government will contribute 48 thousand crore rupees and this amount will also be received by the State Government.

7.) Farmers brothers of the country will have to pay 10% of the total cost through this scheme. While 48000 crore payment will be made through bank loan.

What are the four major components of Kusum Yojana: – Four major components come under this scheme are as follows

1.) Distribution of Solar Pump: During the initial phase of Kusum scheme, in collaboration with the Central Government Departments such as the Department of Power will undertake the task of successful distribution of solar powered pump.

2.) Construction of solar power plants: Solar power factories will be built under the Kusum scheme as this can increase the capacity to produce sufficient amount of electricity.

3.) Getting tubewells installed: Tubewells will be installed through the government for which a certain amount of electricity can be produced.

Complete modernization of existing pumps: – Complete modernization of the existing pumps also comes under this phase. In this place, state-of-the-art solar pumps will be replaced in place of old pumps. Under this scheme, first draft is planned to be installed in infertile areas. The power of Mega Mart can be produced. The government in its first phase provided 17.5 solar powered pumps to the farmers. Apart from this, additional 30 percent of the total expenditure will be provided to the farmers through loans from the bank. Not only this, the farmer will be responsible only for the advance cost.

What is the main feature of this scheme: – A target has been set to distribute solar pumps of up to 2 mega watts starting from 0.5 mega watts under the Kusum scheme through Rajasthan State Renewable Energy Corporation. If Kisan Bhai wants to apply for this scheme, he can do it both online and offline.

Main objectives of Kusum Yojana 2020 (Kusum Yojana Online Application 2020): – As you will know that there are many states of India which are affected by drought. In such a situation, the farmers face a lot of challenges in doing farming. They have to do this. Along with this, they also have to be prepared for crop losses due to drought. To solve all these problems, the Central Government has launched the Prime Minister Kusum Scheme 2020. The main goal of this scheme is to save the farmers from extra expenditure i.e. providing electricity for free. Under this scheme, farmers will get the facility of solar solar panel for irrigation. Through Kusum Yojana, farmers will get double benefit, on one hand their income will increase and on the other hand if farmers produce more electricity and sell it to the grid, then they will get a good price for it.

Benefits to the Kusum Scheme 2020 applicant: –

1.) Farmers especially will get benefit from this scheme.

2.) Solar irrigation pumps will be provided to the farmer brothers at a discounted price.

3.) Solarization of 10 lakh grid related agricultural pumps will be done under this scheme

4.) In the first phase through Kusum Plan 2020, 17.5 lakh diesel powered irrigation pumps will be run by solar power, as a result of which the consumption of diesel will be less than before.

5.) Solar pumps will run with energy to irrigate under this scheme, so that farmers will be encouraged towards farming.

6.) Generated additional MW of power through this scheme.

7.) To set up solar panels under this scheme, 60% of the financial assistance will be provided to the farmers by the government through the central government, along with 30% loan will also be provided, in which only 10% of the person will have to pay.

8.) This scheme proves especially good for those farmer brothers where the chances of drought are highest. Or where there is always a problem related to electricity.

9.) Once the solar plant is set up, 24-hour power will be available in the area, due to which there will be no complication in the farmers doing agricultural work.

10.) The additional power produced from the solar panel, the farmer is entitled to sell the electricity produced by the government or any such department. Due to which the farmer receives ₹ 6000 in the form of assistance during 1 month.

11.) Solar plants will be set up under this scheme in areas where the land is not fertile, that is, it is barren. Use the barren land properly, new sources of income will be created from that land itself.

Documents attached during application under Kusum Yojana (Kusum Yojana Online Application 2020): –

1.) Applicant should have Aadhaar Card

2.) Copy of passbook of your bank account

3.) Income certificate to certify the economic condition

4.) Applicant should have his active number

5.) Copy of residence certificate

6.) Passport size photo of the applicant

How to apply for Kusum Yojana online application: –

1.) Interested peasant brothers of the state must first apply for this scheme to get benefits from this scheme.

2.) First, the applicant has to go to the official website related to the scheme, go to the website, the home page will be open relative to you.

3.) Now you will see your registered “Online Registration” option on this home page, you have to click on it, soon after that you will have to fill the information sought in the application such as name, address, Aadhaar number, mobile etc. of the applicant.

4.) Finally, after giving the above information, you have to click on submit button, only after successful registration, the selected beneficiaries are instructed to submit 10% cost of solar pump pump set to approved suppliers through the department within a few days of it. Within you are allowed to install solar pumps in your fields.

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