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Full form of PM , What is the full form of PM

Full form of PM:- PM is its full form Post Meridian, Let’s know about this word, We use this word while looking at the clock, It is a Latin word, This is the word we often use when looking at the clock, Post meridiem refers to the deadline after noon. The time limit of the clock is divided into two phases.

PM is another time conference unit used with 12 hour clock. 12-hor clock system divides the time period into two equal parts-first period and second period. Second period by PM or Post meridiem The full form of the period from midnight to midnight is up to Post meridiem.

PM Full Form In Hindi :-  “मध्यान्ह के बाद” या “दोपहर के बाद” के लिए यह लैटिन नाम प्रयुक्त होता है।
An example- It is 10.00 PM in the evening i.e. 10 PM at night. It is 22:00 as per 24 hour time.

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