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Full form of ALS, What does ALS stand for ?

What Does Als Stand for ? , Full Form of Als in Medical Term , Als Full Form in English , What Causes Als , Als Full Form in Hindi,

Als Full Form in English:-  Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.
Als Full Form in Hindi:- एमियोट्रोफिक लैटरल स्लेरोसिस कहते हैं।

It Is a Disease That Affects the Nerve Cells Present in the Brain and Spinal Cord. It Is a Progressive Disease Because It Worsens Over Time and Causes Neuronkey Death. Which Control Voluntary Muscles. Finally, Motile Nerve Cells Can No Longer Send Impulses / Signals to Muscles and Muscles, nor Can They Destroy Them. This Affects the Brain’s Ability to Initiate and Coordinate Muscle Activity When These People Are in the Human Brain. but If One Strikes, Then the Person Can Speak, Eat, Walk, but Cannot Breathe Properly.

Symptoms of Als Vary from Person to Person. Some of Its Initial Symptoms Are as Follows: –
1.) Muscle Spasms,
2.) Leg, Shoulder or Tongue Stiffness
3.) Muscle Inflammation
4.) Difficulty Breathing and Speaking

in Als, Upper Motor Neurons and Lower Motor Neurons Become Impaired or Die, and Stop Sending Messages to Muscles. Unable to Work, the Muscles Gradually Weaken and Become Weathering. Finally the Brain Loses Its Ability to Initiate and Control Voluntary Movements.

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