Full form of AFB, What does AFB stand for ?

What does AFB stand for , What is the full form of AFB in medical , AFB Full form In Hindi , What is the meaning of AFB in Medical , AFB Full Form In English

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AFB Full form In English :- Acid-Fast Bacillus Testing कहते हैं।
AFB Full form In Hindi:-  एसिड फास्ट बैक्टीरिया टेस्टिंग कहते हैं।

When you have signs and symptoms of a lung infection such as:- 
1.) Chronic cough
2.) Lose weight
3.) fever
4.) Coolness and weakness
5.) TB or any nontuberculous mycobacteria infectionWhen You Have a Positive Igra Blood Test or Tuberculin Skin Test (Tst) and You Are in a High-Risk Group to Progress to Active Tb; When You Have an Infection on Your Skin or Body That Can Cause Mycobacteria When You Are Undergoing Treatment for Tb, This Test Is Required. the Fb Smear Refers to Microscopic Examination of a Fluorochrome Stain of a Clinical Specimen.

Sputum Stains for Mycobacteria, Laboratory Testing Is Done on Your Sputum or Mucus Sample. Also Called an Acid-Fast Bacillus (Afb) Stain or Tuberculosis (Tb) Spot. Doctors Specifically Order Tests. Whether a Person Has Tuberculosis (Tb) or Any Other Type of Mycobacterial Infection.It Is Difficult to Characterize Acidified Organisms Using Standard Microbiological Techniques, Although They Can Be Colored by Concentrated Dyes, Especially When the Staining Process Is Mixed with Heat. Some, Such as Mycobacteria, Are Characterized by Gram Stains. Can Stain On, but These Crystals Do Not Take Well in Purple Color and Also Appear in Light Purple Color, Which Still Gives the Correct Appearance. Can Make Wrong Grams Pojetiv Identified by Su.

इस आलेख को हिंदी में पढ़े :- AFB full Form In Hindi

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