BOD Full Form, What does BOD stand for ?

BOD Full Form

What does BOD stand for , B.O.D. ka (full form) kya Hai , bod full form in medical , definition of BOD by Medical dictionary , BOD Abbreviation in Medical , Biological oxygen demand (BOD) Meaning in Hindi ,BOD Meaning in Medical , BOD Full Form In Hindi , BOD (Full Form) In English

BOD Full Form In English:- Biochemical oxygen demand 

BOD Full Form In Hindi :– जैवरासायनिक ऑक्सीजन मांग कहते हैं।Bod Is the Amount (Ie Demand) of Dissolved Oxygen Required by Aerobic Biological Organisms to Break Down the Organic Matter Present in a Given Water Sample at a Certain Temperature During a Given Time Period.

the Amount of Oxygen Required by Biological Organisms Such as Bacteria to Break Down Organic Matter by the Oxidation Process in a Given Water Sample Is Called Biochemical Oxygen Demand. Standardized Laboratory Methods Are Adopted to Measure This Relative Oxygen Requirement and This Normally Measured by Redox Titration by the Vankler Method After 5 Days.

the Bod Incubator Is a Device That Helps to Perform This Test by Offering the Appropriate Temperature. 20 to 25 ° C. This Device Is Often Called Low-Temperature Incubators Because It Maintains a Certain Temperature, Humidity and Other Conditions. the Tests Were Able to Give Perfect Results Without Interference of Any Small Particle. There Are Many Manufacturing Companies in Our Country, They Provide Advanced Features in This Device at a Very Low Cost. There Is a Number of Designs and Sizes in the Market, So Buyers Can Choose This Device According to Their Needs. in More Advanced Incubators Includes the Ability to Reduce Temperature or Control Humidity and Carbon Dioxide Levels.

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