BAMS Full Form, What is the Full form of BAMS?

BAMS Full Form

What is the Full form of BAMS , bams full form in medical , Full form of BAMS In English , (Full Form) BAMS In Hindi

Full form of BAMS In English:-  Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery कहते हैं।
Full Form BAMS In Hindi :-  बैचलर ऑफ आयुर्वेदिक चिकित्सा और सर्जरी कहते हैं।It Is a Bachelor’s Degree Awarded to Those Who Complete Five and One and a Half Year Medical Course Studies, Including a One-Year Internship in the Field of Medicine. the Minimum Criteria for Taking Admission in This Course Is 12th Class Education with Science. After Passing the 12th Standard, Students Should Be Admitted to the State or National Level to Get Admission in the Respective Medical College. They Are Required to Pass the Balm Entrance Exam.

the Course Includes In-Depth Study of Ayurveda Subjects Along with Modern Anatomy, Theory of Modern Medicines, Surgical Theory, Pharmacology and Many Other Topics. Ayurveda Is an Ancient System of Medicine in India. It Not Only Talks About Treatment but Also Diseases. It Also Provides Remedies to Prevent Recurrence. According to Ayurveda, There Are Three Types of Reactions in the Human Body. Disease or Are Vulnerable to Diseases Such as
1.) Phlegm
2.) Bile
3.) Air.

Thus, This Course Is a Unique Combination of Ancient Ayurveda and Modern Medicine. It Facilitates Balm Graduates for the Use of Modern and Ayurvedic Medicines. After Completing Graduation One Can Work in the Following Fields:
1.) General Practice or Hospital Administration
2.) Clinical Research Field
3.) Ayurveda Consultation
4.) Health Supervisor
5.) Md or Ms
on Completion of This, the Doctor of Ayurveda Attains the Title of a Student. He Can Use the Etiquette Title “Doctor” on Registration as a Medical Practitioner.

इस आलेख को हिंदी में पढ़े :-  BAMS full Form In Hindi

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