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ATM Full Form | What is Automated Teller Machine

Full Form of ATM in English: – The Full Form of Atm Is Automated Banking Machine. We Use Atm to Withdraw Money to Withdraw Money. Today’s Era Is the Digital Age and Atm Plays a Very Important Role in This Era. Earlier, to Withdraw Money, One Had to Go to the Bank, Line Had to Be Used, Then Money Used to Go Through Check, but Now It Is Not the Money Being Atm. Now Quickly Leave in 1 Minute.
ATMs Are Called by Different Names in Different Countries. Like-
1.) Cash point
2.) Cash Machine
3.) Mini Bank
4.) Hole in the wall
You Can Also Call Automatic Banking Machine in Hindi as Automatic Teller Machine. There Are Many Types of Atms, So Let’s Know What Are the Types of Atms-

1.) Online ATM – This ATM is connected to Your Account 24 Hours and Through This Atm You Cannot Raise Money in Addition to the Amount in Your Account.
2.) Offline ATM- This ATM Also Gives You Money in Addition to the Amount in Your Account Provided the Bank Deducts Some Amount Later from Your Account.
3.) Onsite ATM – This ATM is present around your bank.
4.) Offsitee ATM – This ATM is present in the bank premises and it is not one but there are many ATMs. For your information, please tell that ATM was established in 1987 in India by Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.

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