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ASI Full Form In English:- Amniotic Fluid Index.
ASI Full Form Hindi :- गर्भोदक या एमनियोटिक फ्लूइड कहते हैं।
Now Let Us Know What Is This Contraceptive or Amniotic Fluid. Actually, When the Child Is Inside the Mother’s Womb, It Is Locked Inside a Police Station. That Is, There Is Something of the Size of a Bag Inside the Mother’s Womb and the Child Lives Inside That Bag. the Pouch That Stays Inside the Mother’s House Is Filled with Liquids, Which We Call in the Language of Birth Control or Amniotic Fluid.What Is ASI :- Many Doctors Believe That as the Size of the Mother’s Womb Increases, the Baby’s Body Size Increases. as Such, the Size of This Fluid-Containing Bag Also Increases.

If the Amount of Birth Control or Amniotic Fluid in That Bag in the Body of a Pregnant Woman Keeps Decreasing, Then It Has a Bad Effect on the Child. It Is Said That the Birth Control or Amniotic Fluid Helps in the Development of the Baby, in Such a Way That If the Flutes or Less Production Occurs in the Mother’s Body, It Can Also Stop the Development of the Child’s Body.

the Amount of Contraceptive or Amniotic Fluid Is Produced Less in the Mother’s Body When I Am in Tension Due to Some Reason, So the Doctors Repeatedly Advise Pregnant Women Not to Be Anxious and Laugh So That They Too Remain Healthy. and Their Child Too.the Level of the Contraceptive or Amniotic Fluid Is Detected by Ultrasound. Therefore, the Doctor Always Asks the Mother to Have an Ultrasound Done in 3 Months to 6 Months in Pregnancy So That Both the Position of the Baby and the Condition of the Mother Can Be Ascertained.

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