Airforce X Group Syllabus 2021

Airforce X Group Syllabus 2021 :-  Indian Air Forces Has Issued New Job Notification for the IAF Group X Recruitment 2020. On This Page Selections Process , Exam Pattern Airforce X Group Syllabus 2021 , Air Force Group X Books Etc Information Given Below.

Airforce X Group Selection Process:-
1.) Physical Fitness Test (PFT) :- It consist of 1.6 Km run to be completed within 06 minutes and 30 seconds. Candidates will also have to complete 10 push – ups, 10 sit – ups and 20 squats within the stipulated time to qualify in the Physical Fitness Test.
2.) Written Test
3.) Adaptability Test- 1 :- All Candidates Who Pass the Written Test Shall Undertake Adaptability Test-1 on the Same or Subsequent Day Depending on the Local Conditions. Adaptability Test – 1 Is to Assess Suitability of a Candidate for Employment in the Iaf Which Involves Deployment in Varied Geographic Terrain, Weather and Operational Conditions.

4.) Adaptability Test-2 :- All Candidates Who Pass Adaptability Test-1 Will Have to Undertake Adaptability Test-2 as Per Policy in Vogue. Adaptability Test-2 Is to Select Candidates Who Can Adapt to the Environment of Indian Air Force and Are Able to Adjust to the Military Way of Life

Medical Examination :- Medical Examination will be conducted by Air Force Medical Team as per IAF medical standards and policy in vogue on subject issue. Medical examination would also include Baseline Investigation of: –
a.) Blood Haemogram – Hb, TLC, DLC
b.) Urine RE/ME
c.) Biochemistry
1.) Blood Sugar Fasting & PP
2.) Serum Cholesterol
3.) Urea, Uric acid, Creatinine
4.) LFT — Serum Bilurubin, SGOT, SGPT
d.) X – Ray chest (PA view)
e.0 ECG (R)

Indian Airforce Syllabus 2020 Subject-wise
Airforce X Group Syllabus 2021 ENGLISH:- 
1. Comprehension-A small passage followed by questions.
○ To judge comprehension
○ Drawing of inferences
○ Use of vocabulary
2. Composition
○ Agreement of subject with verb
○ Pattern of verb and their use.
○ Sequence of tenses.
○ Transformation of sequences-Compound, Complex, Simple, Negative,
3. Grammar
○ Spellings
○ Word formation
○ Antonyms and Synonyms
○ One word substitution
○ Correct usage of – articles, Prepositions, adjectives-degrees of comparison,
conjunctions, Nouns and Pronouns and numbers (Singular-Plural)
○ Words, which are commonly getting confused
○ Word order
○ Correct usage of Adverbs
4. Idioms and Phrases
○ Use of simple idioms
○ Use of Common proverbs
5. Direct/Indirect sentences : Narration change
○ Change of various types of sentences from direct to indirect form
○ Change of various types of sentences from indirect to direct form
6. Active and Passive Voices
○ Change of all types of sentences from active to passive form
○ Change of all types of sentences from passive to active form
IAF X Group Syllabus 2021 Physics:- 
1. Physical World & Measurement
2. Kinematics
3. Laws of Motion
4. Work, Energy & Power
5. Motion of System of particles & Rigid Body
6. Gravitation
7. Properties of Bulk Matter
8. Thermodynamics
9. Behaviour of Perfect Gas & Kinetic Theory of gases
10. Oscillations & Waves
11. Electrostatics
12. Current Electricity
13. Magnetic effect of current & Magnetism
14. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating current
15. Electromagnetic Waves
16. Optics
17. Dual Nature of Matter
18. Atoms and Nuclei
19. Electronic Devices
20. Communication Systems
Indian Air Forces  X Group Syllabus 2021 Mathematics:- 
1. Sets, Relations, functions
2. Trigonometric functions
3. Inverse Trigonometric functions
4. Complex Numbers
5. Quadratic Equations
6. Sequence & Series (AP & GP)
7. Permutation
8. Combination
9. Binomial Theorem
10. Coordinate geometry – Straight line, Circles, Parabola, Ellipse, Hyperbola
11. Exponential Series
12. Logarithmic Series
13. Matrices
14. Determinants
15. Limit & Continuity
16. Differentiation
17. Application of Differentiation
18. Indefinite Integrals
19. Definite Integrals
20. Application of Integration
21. Differential Equations
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